"Guest House" Sunnynook Project Erika Winters Inc. Design18 photos
Project: "Guest House" Sunnynook 388ft Rebuilt and decorated. The conditions in which a young couple were purchased this property was totally abandoned. The challenge for the small house was to be conditioned as dwelling. Draw from it the best use of space not to be monotonous or uncomfortable. Basically we started from the concept of bringing in the garden and make this area to be an integral part of the house through a deck built with wasted poles. To access the garden area, was built a sliding door inside the room that allows for its size and scale integrate the space. The decor is contemporary but I must say restoring some items and furniture from the personal collection of the couple was important too. I also looked specific antique furniture like the Vanity, by its narrowness contributed significantly as a functional element to the only one room.